This is a preparation for the TExES ESL/Bilingual Education supplemental tests. After a thorough analysis of the standards and test objectives available from the State Board for Teacher Certification, I designed highly focused study sessions for an effective test preparation. Each session includes a clear explanation of the concepts relevant to each one of the competencies contained in the test and numerous test-like questions for practice and application of the concepts to classroom situations.

Our preparation courses are now available on videoconferencing. You will participate in the class from any location that is convenient for you and will thus eliminate long commute and save travel and hotel expenses.


Six sessions of 2 hours each of video conferencing.

A copy of all handouts presented in class will be sent to you by e-mail or regular mail.

Video Conferencing groups are limited to 5 participants per class.

For more information, contact Dr. Vicente at 817-513-0757 or Be sure to mention your phone number in your e-mail.


to be determined with each group

Dates: as soon as groups are constituted

Cost:will depend on the number of sessions required

Other options

• Six-hour workshop (one day or two evenings): focuses on test-taking techniques and a brief presentation of main concepts followed by practice questions.

• Nine-hour workshop (one and a half day or three evenings): includes the same components as above, with more time spent on understanding language acquisition processes, which are crucial for academic performance.

• Eighteen-hour seminar (three days or six evenings): includes all components described in the previous workshop, and this longer session will allow us to delve deeper into literacy development as well.

** Please contact Dr. Avigail Vicente

Phone: 817-513-0757