Participants Feedback

* I went from a 4 to an 8! I am not a native speaker, but thanks to this class I still managed to receive a top score. This is a very focused class that tells you how to study effectively. I am so thankful that I took this course! (Elizabeth)

* I have taken other prep classes through schools and universities and did not learn what I learned through this one. The strategies taught during this course are by far the best. They taught me how to study and prepare for this exam. I would recommend to anyone needing to pass the TOPT that they need not waste time and money on other courses. This is the best training there is. (Amanda)

* Coming to the preparation classes has allowed me to gain much confidence in speaking Spanish. My fluency has improved very much as well. I am so glad that I took this course, even if I had to drive 4 hours! It is very much worth it and it will without a doubt help anyone who needs preparation for the TOPT exam. (Marisol)

* This class was a tremendous way to prepare for TOPT. Although I must admit it takes a lot of dedication and hard work, it is well worth the effort. Also, the side benefits are great too...I would recommend this class to anyone preparing for TOPT. (Irene)

* Este programa es el major para preparar los maestros para el examen TOPT en el estado de Texas. (Anonymous)

* A well-structured, intensive program that delivers all that was promised! (Janet)

* The ultimate test of any product is its effectiveness. Consequently, I feel that the program is highly effective because I passed the TOPT! …THE BOTTOM LINE FOR ME IS THE JOB SECURITY I HAVE NOW, KNOWING THAT I’VE PASSED THE TOPT, FINALLY!! I can’t think of a way to thank you enough. (Maggie)

* I would recommend this course to ANYONE needing to prepare for the TOPT. I wish I would have known about it prior to my first test….Great Review Course! I give it 5 ***** stars! (Amy)